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Ten Weeks to Financial Awakening

Frequently Asked Questions

We all expect clear concise answers when we want them.
Please be patient and carefully follow each CD's instructions and
make a written note of your questions and concerns.
Likely your questions will be answered in this journey.

Questions about the Program
Questions and answers for people considering buying the Ten Weeks Program

Questions about Quicken and the CD's
The FAQs listed here have not been updated for Quicken 2018. Please see the free Program Updates on the Home Page. All the FAQs listed there have been updated and inserted into the TEN WEEKS Quicken Deluxe CD Update 2007.

Submit a Question
We would love to hear your comments about the Program and specific experiences or questions you have had during your journey. Please indicate if you would be willing to have your comments shared on the website and with the media. If you don't specifically authorize such, we will honor the privacy of your comments.