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Ahoy, Money!

How To Chart Your Program to Genuine Financial Freedom

By Paul Lemon

Questions You May Have

1. What is "Ahoy, Money!"?

"Ahoy, Money!" is my second book, published by Morgan James Publishing, LLC in May of 2007.

I wrote this book in order to offer an introduction to the new philosophy and practice with money I outlined with Ten Weeks to Financial Awakening. In the Introduction of "Ahoy, Money!" I write:

This book is for those who know there is something inherently wrong with the predominant messages about money and it relationship to finding happiness, safety, and significance. This book is for those who are tired of simplistic formulas that do not address the smallness of life predominant in the most prosperous of countries...This book is for those who are ready to set sail for a new land that requires its citizens to keenly notice when money reverts to a hindrance rather than a help to their Soulful Journey, that unfolding quest for meaning.

2. How does "Ahoy, Money!" dovetail with "Ten Weeks to Financial Awakening"?

"Ahoy, Money!" is intended as a primer to those interested in beginning their journey of financial attentiveness. It offers a new paradigm about money, then immediately dives into the practical application of how to use money to take an in-depth view of our lives. There are seven worksheets in the book that, to name a few examples, allow the reader to assess their actual state of affairs with personal financial management, calculate whether or not they are saving enough for retirement, and explore ways to continue on a journey of using money to access deeper levels of identity.

TEN WEEKS tackles the nitty-gritty details of financial freedom by providing instruction about how to setup a budget using Quicken®, manage investments, buy insurance, etc. "Ahoy, Money!" helps identify longings, financial pitfalls, and other financial issues that are then able to be completely addressed in the TEN WEEKS Program.

3. If I've purchased TEN WEEKS but have had trouble actually completing the Program, will reading "Ahoy, Money!" help me follow through?

Yes - In fact this is a prime reason for my writing, "Ahoy, Money!" This smaller book gives everyone success in practicing with money attentiveness. Completion of the seven worksheets provides a great launching point into the TEN WEEKS Program. The work people do in the smaller book, weakens the natural resistance we all feel to addressing money "head on."

Over the last 4 years I have learned that transformation often occurs in stages. Most of us are intimidated by money, anyway, and handing someone a 705 page Guidebook just reaffirms all our feelings of inadequacy. I believe one's successful completion of "Ahoy, Money!", using the TEN WEEKS Webinar Series will break down this sense of "overwhelm" and result in genuine transformation with money.

4. How do I find out more about "Ahoy, Money!"?

Simply click on this link to

5. Is there any advantage of buying "Ahoy, Money!" as well as the TEN WEEKS materials?

Yes - in fact I highly recommend that every TEN WEEKS Program user completes "Ahoy, Money!" and its worksheets as a prerequisite to starting the Program. I believe the two books complement each other and provide a seamless journey into genuine financial freedom.

Click on this link to view "Ten Weeks to Financial Awakening Cross Reference Guide."