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Suggested Process For Optimal Use Of Paul’s Resources For Genuine Financial Freedom:

1. Purchase the “Ahoy Money!”.

2. Purchase the “Ten Weeks to Financial Awakening” guidebook package at the same time you order. The chart below shows how “Ten Weeks” answers questions that may arise in working through “Ahoy Money!”.

“Ten Weeks to Financial Awakening” Cross Reference Guide

Book Section


Section Title

Page References
Content Summary

Weeks 1 & 2

Your Money Inventory: Notice and Get Involved

Pages 35-98

Relationship with Money, Document Organization, & Initial Quicken® Setup

Week 3

Your Spending and Budget: What is it You Really Want?

Pages 99-142

Conscious Spending, Quicken Budget Setup & Quicken® Scenarios

Week 4


Your Work: Work Woes

Pages 143-170


Relationship with Work, Quicken® Scenarios re: Work

Week 5

Your Credit Cards and Loans:Friends or Foes?

Pages 171-216

Relationship with Debt, Quicken® Scenarios re: Debt Management

Week 6

Your Investments: Money Working You or Money Working for You?

Pages 217-280

Relationship with Investing, Portfolio Design and Investment Selection, Quicken® Scenarios with Various Investment Returns

Week 7

Your Insurance:Risky Business

Pages 281-310

Relationship with Insurance, Insurance Needs Analysis, Quicken® Scenarios re: Insurance

Week 9

Your Retirement Dream:Is the Grass Really Greener?

Pages 359-394

Relationship with Retirement, Redefined Retirement and Quicken® Scenarios re: Retirement

Week 10

Your Mortality and Estate Plan:Will I or Will I Not?

 Pages 395-440

Relationship with Mortality, Estate Planning for Everyone, Estate Planning Document Review

Section Four


Money and Happiness: Grounded and Moving to Groundlessness

 Pages 441-464

Using Money to Serve Your Authentic Life, Updating Your Financial Plan with Changes

MAP Pages

Money Attention Pages

Pages 465-696

121 Summaries of Relevant Financial Information about Debt, Investing, Insurance, Retirement, Taxes, & Estate Planning

3. Complete the “Ahoy Money!” worksheets. Don’t forget to download the free webinars that come with the book.

4. Purchase Quicken Deluxe 2018 and the Quicken 2018 Official Guide.

5. Use the Ten Weeks webinars to break up your initial Ten Weeks work into approximately one hour sessions (weeks 1 – 3).

6. Use the Ten Weeks Tutorial CD’s that come with the book, to assist you in completing the program (weeks 4 – 10).



Ahoy Money! Book

Ten Weeks to Financial Awakening Program


• Book (218 pages)
• Webinars ($97 value)
• Worksheets (in book, or you can print them from webinars)

• Guidebook (705 pages)
• 4 Instructional CDs
• Workbook (123 pages)
• Webinars ($97 value)



• Chart your course, step-by-step, from wherever you are to a healthy relationship with money and true financial freedom
• Empower initial financial attentiveness with honest assessment of current financial situation
• Exposure of common financial myths.
• Help in setting up a budget.
• Clarity regarding money needed for retirement.
• May use "Ten Weeks to Financial Awakening" as a cross reference guide.

• A self-study personal finance mastery program.
• Practical, empowering information coordinated into a comprehensive financial plan using Quicken software.


• Life Clarity & Emotional Freedom with Money
• Document Organization
• Budgeting with Quicken®
• Work Scenario Analysis
• Debt Management
• Investment Management
• Insurance Management
• Tax Planning
• Retirement Planning
• Estate Planning

Time to Complete

8 - 12 hours


70 - 120 hours



$13.22 + 3.99 shipping at


$25 + $8 shipping at

(also available at but workbook is sold separately)


Quicken Deluxe 2018

$35-$99 at


Quicken 2018 official guide

$21.75 from

Computer Requirements

Internet access for webinars

Windows operating system or MAC upgraded to run windows.

Internet access for webinars.