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What is "Ten Weeks to Financial Awakening"?


Experience this Transformative Program in Just 5 minutes!

Ten Weeks to Financial Awakengin Book CoverFeel free to print out these book excerpts.

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Click here to see how the Program helps address the root of our money suffering through its practical worksheets.

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1) A Story
That makes you want to read on!
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2) A Collection of Wisdom
Hundreds of quotes and beautiful poems that remind us of who we really are plus original artwork that graphically illustrate each week's principle.
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3) A Workbook
38 different worksheets that help you understand what lies beneath your money decisions.
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4) A Comprehensive Financial Reference Guide
Over 500 pages of digestible financial information, including a 230 MAP (Money Attention Page) Section packed with concise answers to your financial questions.
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5) A How-To Guide to the Creation of Your Own Financial Plan Using Quicken Software
You'll need Quicken® 2010 Deluxe software and the book shows you how to order it if you don't already have it.
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Frequently Asked Questions
1) What inspired you to write the "Ten Weeks to Financial Awakening" Program?
2)  What segment of the population comprises the largest component of your client base?
3) Shouldn't I see a CPA for something as serious as my financial future?
4) Are you saying that someone should not seek out a financial advisor?
5) What is your main message?
6) How long is the time commitment to this program?
7) Why is your program different from other financial planning programs available on the market?
8) What about your program makes it accessible to anyone who wants a sound financial plan?
9) Is the program difficult for someone who isn't computer savvy?
10) I don't have much money. Can I still benefit from your program?


"Ten Weeks to Financial Awakening" Summary

Ten Weeks to Financial Awakengin Book Cover"Ten Weeks to Financial Awakening: A Guidebook to the Creation of Your Own Financial Plan Using Quicken Software", gives you step-by-step guidance to reclaim your energy, by giving money your full attention.

During nearly 30 years as a trusted financial planner and advisor to thousands of individuals and businesses, author Paul Lemon, CPA/PFS, CFP® continued to see many of his clients trapped in personal money habits that kept them in the bondage of financial worry and distress. This program is for you if you are searching for peace of mind through a concrete financial plan.

"Ten Weeks to Financial Awakening" will show you how to cultivate financial awakening, by helping you notice what needs you are trying to meet with money. It is time that you are supported with a new approach to money, rather than influenced by the predominant message of our society that says you must go faster and work harder to make more money for your happiness. If you have the courage to admit what is really happening in your "money life" and if you want straight answers to your financial concerns, then TEN WEEKS is for you.

A Story:

Meet Wally Smith and his family and listen in on his dialogue with Paul and Katherine from chapter to chapter. A broken fan reveals how a functioning electrical system has much to teach us about what it means to 'ground' in our hectic lives. You'll soon see that there's hope that money can be help, rather than a hindrance, in experiencing the quality of life we all want.


Click here for an excerpt from "Ten Weeks to Financial Awakening" that illustrates this story





A Collection of Wisdom

bridge"If the building of a bridge does not enrich the awareness of those who work on it, then the bridge ought not to be built." (Frantz Fanon)

It's much easier to grasp short quotes than long paragraphs of text. You'll enjoy the format of "Ten Weeks to Financial Awakening" and find yourself drawn back to the collective wisdom of hundreds of fellow travelers on this road of awakening.

Click page to see book excerpts that illustrate this vast collection of wisdom included in "Ten Weeks to Financial Awakening":
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A Workbook

Financial solutions must follow an awareness of our underlying needs; otherwise no long-term change can take place. These worksheets facilitate real change!

Here are just a few examples:

  • Money Reflection Inventory
  • What is it I Really Want?
  • Work & Identity Circuit Inspection Worksheet
  • Debt & Credit Circuit Inspection Worksheet
  • Investment Circuit Inspection Worksheet
  • Citizen Awareness & Involvement Circuit Inspection Worksheet
  • Retirement Anticipation/Appreciation Circuit Inspection Worksheet

There's even a separate "Ten Weeks to Financial Awakening" for couples. Normally $7.95, this Workbook (128 pages) is included with the purchase of the Guidebook Package and contains a second set of these Worksheets so each person's individual journey can be respected.

Click here to see actual worksheets from the "Ten Weeks to Financial Awakening" book:
page 1-2
| page 3-5





A Comprehensive Financial Reference Guide

"Ten Weeks to Financial Awakening" empowers you to understand money and each aspect of your finances. If you use the book as only a Financial Reference Guide, you will still get more than your money's worth!

The Guidebook comes with 121 separate topical financial summaries (totaling 230 pages) that are called “Money Attention Pages”. They provide detailed guidance on the following:



Credit & Loans










Estate Planning




What’s more, with your purchase of the Ten Weeks Guidebook Package, you get the free annual updates that keep these financial reference summaries current. No need to buy a new book every year.

Take a peek at a few of the122 MAP pages;

Click here to review the MAP index as well as MAP 5-1 from the "Ten Weeks to Financial Awakening" book




A How-To Guide to the Creation of Your Own Financial Plan Using Quicken Software

To give money your complete attention you must have a tool that allows you to put all the financial pieces together and then move them around as your life changes. Quicken® allows you to move beyond crisis to contemplation with your money and Paul shows you how to use Quicken® - step-by-step with his 4 CD Instructional Video set.

Look what's included:

  • 18 face-to-face videos with the author.
  • 131 audio guides showing you how to use thousands of Quicken screens. You simply pause the video, click on your Quicken file and follow the instructions. When you're done, you click on the video tutor and you're on to the next screen!
  • 163 printable Helpful Hints (in color if you want!) that remind you of the steps to the creation of your comprehensive financial plan - your own Authentic Money Guide

Here is an example of one of the Audio Guides off of the 4 CDs that show you, screen-by-screen, how to use Quicken to manage every aspect of your personal finances!

Click on one of the Play Movie buttons now to preview a sample of the 4 Instructional CDs.

There may be delays between audio clips due to the speed of your internet connection.
Please be patient and realize that such delays will not exist on the CD's you will receive with the Program




Note: please keep in mind the video quality of the actual CD's
is much higher than we can use on the internet.




Simply Read The Book

If you want to:

  • Explore a new approach to money for your life.
  • Access sound financial advice.

But aren't interested in organizing your records and using the "Ten Weeks to Financial Awakening" CD's to assist you in using Quicken to manage your money and prepare a financial plan, then;

Start reading "Ten Weeks to Financial Awakening":

  • Use the Worksheet Workbook if you are completing the program as a couple and need an extra set of Worksheets.
  • Begin your journey of financial awakening by reading the book from the very beginning. You can skip over the instructions that pertain to those who want to prepare their personal financial plan using the "Ten Weeks to Financial Awakening" CD's and Quicken

Complete the Entire Program

Do you want to create a comprehensive money management system and financial plan? Then you'll want to engage with the "Ten Weeks to Financial Awakening" Program completely.

If you want to complete the entire Program:

Read the 'What You Will Need to Complete "Ten Weeks to Financial Awakening" and order the supplies you will need.

Use the Time Schedule in Section Two of the "Ten Weeks to Financial Awakening" to schedule your intention to complete the Program into your life. (Click here to review this Schedule)

NOTE: The TEN WEEKS CD's are made for the Windows (PC) Version of Quicken Deluxe 2004. However, these Tutorial CDs, in conjunction with the most recent version of the Quicken Official Guide or the Webinar Series, can also be used with newer versions of Quicken.

We recommend for good prices on Quicken 2018 for Windows

If you are a Mac User, please click here for suggestions on how to benefit
from the purchase of "Ten Weeks to Financial Awakening".



100% Out of Pocket Money Back Guarantee!

If you complete the "Ten Weeks to Financial Awakening" Program within one year of purchase, and are not 100% thrilled with the results, simply return your materials and you'll get a full refund for everything you've spent - including your purchase of Quicken, office supplies, and any postage costs!!

You can't lose!!