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Ten Weeks to Financial Awakening

The Guidebook Package $25.00, FREE DOMESTIC SHIPPING
Money can't bring us happiness, but it can help us notice when we aren't living in alignment with what we really want... more

- 705 page Guidebook
- 4 Quicken Instructional CD’s (*see below)
- 123 page Workbook (123 pages)
- TEN WEEKS Webinar Series ($97 value)

Call 970-946-6541 to order.

-Does not include Quicken Deluxe software:
We recommend for good prices on Quicken 2021 for Windows   

*These Tutorial CD's are made for Windows (PC) Version of Quicken Deluxe 2004. However, in conjunction with the Webinar Series, they can also be used with newer versions of Quicken. Some screens may vary slightly. We highly recommend the purchase of “Quicken 2018 – The Official Guide” available at This guidebook can be used as either a replacement for the Ten Weeks CD’s and webinars, or as a supplemental reference.

Ahoy Money!
Chart your course, step-by-step, from where you are to a healthy relationship with money and true financial freedom... more

- 218 Page Book
- Webinars ($97 value)
- Worksheets (in book, or you can print them from webinars)

Paperback $12.99 Hardcover $22.95
Call 970-946-6541 to order. Call 970-946-6541 to order.

Money Workshops
14 years in the making...

Paul's "Changing Your Money Paradigm" workshop  - the culmination of 14 years of work  is finished!!– If you’re ready for a real shift in your relationship with money, click here!”