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The TEN WEEKS Webinar Series

Your Questions Answered

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Questions you may have about Using the Ten Weeks Tutorial CD's and Webinar Series with Quicken - updated September, 2010

1. What is it?

  • 10 -15 minute audio-video recorded sessions with author, Paul Lemon.
  • Explanation of 1 section of Program Material and how to apply the material in 1 - 2 hour assignments.
  • Downloadable so you can listen to the Session anytime.

2. Why use it?

  • Author suggestions cut 10-30% off the normal time.
  • Small, bite-size, segments make the Program more manageable.
  • Encourages a regular schedule for completing the Program.
  • Like having your own personal financial advisor and coach.

3. How much is it?

  • FREE with all orders.

4. What is included?

  • Weeks One-Three of the Program (Weeks 4-10 require less detailed guidance because Quicken and document organizational tools are already set up.)
  • Goals Clarification
  • Document Organization
  • Quicken Setup with Downloads and Budget
  • Quicken Planner Setup and 1st Scenario

5. How Can I try it?
Click here to experience the free Introductory Webinar

6. How do I order?
Order any of our products and you will receive your Webinar Password.